adidas Sustainability Initiative

adidas has a proud history of leading our industry in Corporate Social Responsibility and have been recognized for 16 consecutive years on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for our actions globally. For this reason, we have switched 100% from plastic shopping bags to paper shopping bags made of FSC-certified 100% recycled content paper. To echo the green move, 50 cents will be charged for every paper shopping bag given. Please join us to support this worthy initiative for the betterment of our community, environment and planet.


愛廸達一向致力履行企業社會責任,在業界引領先河,並連續16年被列入道瓊斯可持續發展指數,進一步肯定我們在全球推行的有關措施。因此我們現在停止提供塑膠購物袋,轉而全面使用FSC認證的100%再造紙製作而成的紙袋。為嚮應環保,每個紙袋我們將會收取5毫子。 請與我們一起為改善我們的社會、環境和地球出一分力。